About Us

in 1926 Delbert Koerner, a young fellow from Cullom, IL, decided he wanted to learn how to fly. He spent his life to this point working on a farm and building/ repairing old radios. He went out to Peoria, IL and learned how to fly in a Standard J-1 biplane. After 6 hours of training he purchased the airplane and brought it home to teach his brother Martin how to fly.

In 1927 they purchased some land just southwest of Kankakee, IL and started the first Kankakee Airport. They acquired more aircraft learned how to maintain them and had a very good business going.

In 1930 Delbert entered an airplane he built into the 1930 air race in Chicago. The airplane was a Heath Parasol converted to a Church Midwing. To enter such a race he needed a pilots license. When he went to apply before the race he got lucky enough to get his license signed by none other than Orville Wright himself.  Then he went on to get a second place in the race, preceded by the Designer, ED Heath, of the aircraft he built.

In 1937 a tornado hit the airport. It ended up taking all the hangars except the newly started on on the north side of the field. They worked tirelessly to finish the new hangar. clear up the debris and keep the business going with a Aeronca K and a Stinson JR.

Alot more has happened in the years up till now but feel free to stop in and see us and let the storys entice you with the museum like atmosphere of the 1940s.

With the 3rd and 4th generation in play keeping the business running smoothly. We try to keep things as they were in the golden age. We still have the old round roof hangar, wide grass runways, vintage aircraft, and a friendly bunch of people.